The Burford Files

The Burford Blog is our first collective attempt at creative writing. Herbert Burfurd, a middle age paper clip salesman, first appeared in our lives shortly after we were married. As newly weds, our single car status provided us the opportunity to experience the morning commute as a couple. On one exceptionally average day, while trudging through the morning traffic, we noticed a particularly disappointed looking middle age man driving a particularly disappointing brown sedan pacing us on the 1-215 freeway. This quirky, strangely heroic, polyester wearing character came to life as we imagined the past, present, and future of a man in the right hand lane. Over the last two plus years, while traveling near and far, we have been inspired to unearthed more fascinating details of a man that all of us, and none of us, really know. Herbert Burford, finding satisfaction in an unsatisfying life.

Monday, June 15, 2015


He moved the spoon in slow circles. His attention was caught by the bubbles...

In that moment, reality ripped open like a taught sail sliced open by Captain Blood and he was transported to a place that was familiar yet strange. As he looked up from the cup a waitress who he had seen long ago caught his eye and smiled... He looked down again as the coffee spilled over the rim. He burned his hand.

He watched as the bubbles of the froth of spilled coffee slowly popped and disappeared...

Well, back to work he thought.

He wiped his hands on the napkin and poured the rest of the coffee down the drain.